Frequently Asked Questions

I already have an app idea, but don’t know how to go about getting an app developed? 

Our team can assist you with bringing your idea to life with developing design and functionality mock-ups, and access our test studio to ensure your idea comes to life how you imagined it. 

Who will manage my app work in the Android Market and the Apple App Store?
We can provide hosting and upgrade services, which is part of the standard app package.

How much does it cost to develop an app?
We have developed a low-cost yet high-end app solution to make our technology more accessible. Baseline costs for Android and Apple apps, including hosting is $8400 ex GST. Ask us for the detailed product info sheet for more information.

How long does it take to develop an app?
Depending on design and functionality needs, it will take a minimum of 4 weeks to develop your app. If you have a style guide, this will fast-track the development phase.

Once my app is developed how will I promote it?
Our team specialises in bringing the real and digital worlds together with the aid of media. We can add-on marketing services to encourage your market to download and use your app. 

Who is my market?
People you want to engage and connect with your service or product, or even your brand. 

Should my app be free to the public?
You have to study your market carefully to see if they would pay for your app service. Our team are specialists in this space and will help you step-by-step through the process which include making the decision whether or not to make your app free. 

How can I turn my app idea into a revenue raising product?
Our team can provide advice on commercial opportunities, depending on your market. We have built successful apps that draw in revenue, engage audiences and in particular, extend end-user experiences.  

Are the videos / still shots on the app used for surveillance?
All cameras streamed on our products are not for surveillance services (e.g. CCTV surveillance monitoring). Camera systems must be operated within applicable law and only for the purposes of which was established or purposes which are subsequently approved by us. 

Will the camera systems threaten privacy or civil liberties? 

Our camera systems are operatedwith respect to people’s privacy, their right to conduct or engage, and abide by relevant privacy laws. They are not to be used for CCTV surveillance monitoring. 

We have a duty to report: 

Operators of the camera systems have a responsibility to report incidents or emergencies requiring a response to police or emergency services. We must be advised of all such incidents as soon as possible.

How can I be sure the app won’t be hacked and other camera systems streamed?
Depending on the hosting service you need, all our camera systems are protected by our servers stored in Sydney. Streamed camera systems only show the image of the data, which fundamentally protects the access to camera and data systems. 

What happens if someone complains about streaming camera systems?
It is a good idea to have a complaints and feedback service place so that members of the public can be assured that privacy complaints, investigations into misuse and outcomes will be dealt with appropriately. 

Unacceptable Acts or Use of Apps: 

Where an operator acts outside the parameters set out in our protocols or at common law, they will be considered to be acting on their own and will be personally liable. We accept no responsibility for such conduct where such act or departure was not reasonably incidental to the performance of authorised duties or within the authorised parameters outlined in our protocol.